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As we enter into the spring and the cold melts and warmer days grow season I am infused with a sense of potency and creativity- of potential. This potential inspires me and even my cells seem to awaken to a sense of vibrancy.

How do we tap into our own potential of the burgeoning spring season and allow ourselves to identify places of potential with in our ourselves? The shift is subtle and if we aren’t careful to take the time to breath into the softer places of ourselves we can miss it. To listen into our hearts and to discover what sparks a light of curiosity, playfulness and creativity is imperative to leading a vital and inspired life I think.

Things that can throw us off track include physical blockages or ama according to Ayurveda, which is a toxic build up or coating in the body which prevents the free flow of nutrients and energy.  Mental ama can also create a sticky state of mind that makes it hard to shift out of a particular way of thinking which makes it difficult to see new perspectives or have fresh ideas.

That is why during the spring season cleansing is considered by so many to be an important way to transition into a new season.  This allows us to rid ourselves of excess and create room for new and exciting potential.  There are some very simple and effective ways to help your body mind and spirit do just this.

1. Drink Hot Water In The Morning.

This helps clear ama, fire up the metabolism and increase energy and hydration

2. Eat A Light Fresh Plant Based Diet

Take a week and give your body the light and energy infused plant based diet it craves- think fresh veggies, steamed rice, juicy ripe fruits.

​3. Breathe Deeply

Set aside several minutes each day to dedicate you awareness to deep full belly breaths.  Watch how your body feels as it is filled with intentional, powerful breath.

4. Connect to What Brings You Joy

How do you take time to play these days? Once you have an answer, make time for that at least once per week.

5.Get Some Help

Triphala is a brilliant herb that can help gently detoxify, nourish the tissues and regulate digestion.

Creating something new- even if its simply a shift on perspective can have the power to transform our entire life.  The power of transformation calls upon us to be creative, to be willing to let go of the old and make way for the new. As we go with the flow of the seasons and work to create a sense of vibrancy that permeates our lives we simultaneously help to bring that vibrancy to others and to this life we are all navigating together!

Thanks for reading.