Ayurveda helps me to gain a deeper and more connected view and experience of life. It roots me into what matters and keeps me connected to the magic in us all. I am excited to share with you the many ways it can help us navigate our world and will be sharing its beauty and wisdom infused with my own passion for simplicity and fun.

Finding your Footing through Double Arrowed Attention:

Whenever I need to get perspective, stop my mind from spinning out or get centered in the present moment I turn to this, Double Arrowed Attention.  This immediately minimizes any anxiety and overwhelm I might be feeling in that moment. Then I can find my breath, see my role in my experience and find my footing to move forward in a conscious way that supports my goals and bigger vision.

Dr Lad writes about this in his book Strands of Eternity:

The Witness

“Let your eyes see the objects of this world. Let your ears hear the sounds of this world. While seeing and hearing, become aware of your body. Even while talking, walking, sitting, seeing, hearing witness the movement of your body. Witness what your mind is feeling. Notice your judgments about your feelings. Mind and thoughts rush like a thick storm. But you are not that thought. You are not the fear. You are that vast space. Thought and fear live within you. You are that sakti, the witnessing awareness. Thoughts come and go, like passing clouds. Treat them as uninvited guests and continue to witness the movement of your mind. Behind the movement of thought exists your pure Self – Asmita – you know it as the feeling, “I am.” or “I exist.” Become one with this witnessing awareness and jump into the inner abyss. Look into the world but don’t choose what to look at. Simply look. And as you look, listen. This is samadrishti – to look at things with empty eyes…without judgment, without conclusion. At the same time you are looking outside, look inside your own heart. The eyes are looking outside but you are looking inside. This is double-arrowed attention.”