As I sit down to write this months blog I am flooded with ways in which I creatively use yoga. Yep- not DO yoga, but USE it. This for me is where all the creativity lies. Going to class, getting on my mat – that’s all the due diligence involved in being able to really use this practice. Since having my first child 3.5 years ago and being witness to all of the monumental changes that comes with parenthood, I have had to call upon all the learned and internalized tools this practice has given me Every. Single. Day. I no longer have the luxury of perusing a daily structured yoga, pranayama and meditation practice like I once did. (at least not yet- soon hopefully!) For now, it is all about getting through until I can get back to that honestly. This has been hilarious, frustrating and humbling- but above all the most creative process I have embarked upon.

I love how much of a teacher this has become. Does it not count when we can experience the sounds around us, the bliss of silence that water rushing over your head provides and the deep nourishment and charge of three deep breaths in our morning shower? I mean seriously folks this IS my yoga practice. And then I recall Dr Lad saying that if we devote all awareness to doing the dishes we can become enlightened right then and there. Hooray!

It is a beautiful opportunity to look at our daily life and see how we can begin to USE our yoga. What ways does it show up to support us, to add depth and meaning to our lives or give us the extra space and time to choose our words and actions. These are the ways we can begin to get really creative and infuse our days and our communities with our yoga. Take it with you to the grocery store and enjoy the time in line to breath fully and deeply, to the dentist (obviously to stave off stage 5 anxiety attacks) or to your relationships. Look for the many ways it colors your perceptions and in what ways it shows you the endless potential and possibilities latent in each and every moment.

Id love to hear from you the creative and unorthodox ways you call upon your yoga. How does it show up for you?  It is, in the end, always present waiting to be helpful, on and off the mat.

In Love,