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This month, let’s look at the definition of fertile ground:

fertile. … And “fertile ground” can be arable land or a situation that provides the perfect opportunity. The Latin root, fertilis, means “bearing in abundance, fruitful, or productive,” from ferre, “to bear.”

I might suggest that we change it up a bit in our minds like this…

“fertile ground” can be arable land or a situation that is ripe for opportunity.”

We have infinite opportunities moment to moment. We miss them mostly because we run mostly on autopilot. This is necessary because if our conscious brain had to process all the information we take in each second, we would likely go crazy.  Our subconscious brain does us a huge service by filtering out most of that stuff, allowing us to focus on the most important of information.  The challenge becomes when we realize that the auto piolet is no longer flying us in the direction we wish to be going. When we want to change our course and navigate new territory, we need to create new patterns and find ways of bringing what was once not in our field of awareness to the forefront to our awareness. Not an easy feat I assure you.

Fresh and New Experiences

However, this is exactly the process that is needed to allow ourselves a new and fresh experience of the world around us.  When our ground is packed with beliefs, assumptions, and conclusions we have developed since birth, there isn’t a whole lot of room for creativity to spark, seeds to sprout or perceptions to change. To find space for opportunity we need to create it. We need to dig up those hard-held beliefs and ideas and ask ourselves if they are still serving us.  If not- we need to find ways to lessen their grip on our minds and – eventually- replace them. It can be a difficult process due to how difficult it can be to become aware of what they are in the first place.  These guys tend to run lack an operating system buzzing in the background. They can have a huge impact on us without us realizing that they exist at all!

Practices like meditation, pranayama (breath work), yoga and Ayurveda are all designed to help us find the quieter experience of the mind that can give us the opportunity to observe ourselves. This is where our awareness can grow, and light can be shined into the recesses of our subconscious. Often, when we are met with insight as to the contents there, it’s not so easy.  It is not uncommon to find deep fears, old wounds, and coping mechanisms that we have likely out grown.  This can be a very emotional experience to be staring right at the emotions, memories or conclusions that we have spent most of our time evading. But here we are.

Laying Fertile Ground

If we can hold on to ourselves and come from a place of curiosity instead of judgement, hopefulness instead of despair and lots and lots of compassion and gratitude for the circumstances that created those programs, we are in a fantastic position to begin to try and break free of them. This is the work.  To love all of ourselves – even the parts we don’t necessarily like.  As these parts move into consciousness a beautiful thing happens- we get to choose.  We get to choose to keep them, or not. This, in my opinion, is the greatest of gifts.  Here lie the moments that allow us to create the lives we want.  Here is where we discover our most fertile ground! This is most exciting when we consider the impact we have on our surroundings.  When we change (hopefully in a more intentional and positive way) how we respond- everything else in our environment changes too. This means if we can shift from a foundation of unconscious programs like fear to a foundation of consciousness and choosing love, forgiveness or curiosity instead – we have laid the most fertile ground possible.

Thank you all for reading and joining me on this journey of conscious creation of the groundwork from which we thrive.

In Love,