Luck can sometimes seem as elusive as the lepracauns and their pot of gold. I don’t believe we stumble upon luck as we do a beautiful rainbow – but that instead we actually create it. I believe luck is something we create with intentionality, ritual and paying attention.  When we live with Intentionality, we bring our desires to our actions. When we live life with ritual we create sacred routines to ensure consistency in intentionally. And finally, when we bring awareness to our hearts and minds to uncover our highest desires we discover our intentions.

Luck can look like it happens by chance but I dont think so. By examining our lives, our desires and our choices we can then begin to see where growth can happen. To inspire growth we have to take inventory of whats holding us back from pursuing our passion. Often times our biggest obstacles are subconscious and become that which is driving the proverbial bus. When we notice notice the spark slipping from our lives, feeling empty, tired and heavy; it’s time to check in to see what we’re carrying that might be weighing us down. What can we let go to make room for more of what we do want – vibrant lives infused with abundant energy, loving relationships and opportunity and potential.

We can create the next steps towards that very thing which reignites our hearts and minds. It is up to us though to take that first step and give luck it’s chance to show up and support us in our groundbreaking and sometimes heart breaking shifts as we intentionally create the loves we deeply yearn for.

If this speaks to you and you feel ready for deep and lasting change that realigns us with our hearts and souls, be sure to join us for Equilibrium: A Balancing Detox for Body, Mind, & Home. During this 4 week online series we will go through a full physical cleanse called panache karma. This is an ancient Ayurvedic cleanse designed to detoxify the deepest levels of the body. You will release the physical blockages standing in the way of free energy flow in the body allowing deep healing and rejuvenation to follow. We will also be working with powerful techniques to clear and heal the subtle body and bring true balance into our inner and outer environments by drawing upon powerful rituals that transform our homes into the sanctuaries they are meant to be including the creation of a sacred space where we do our most potent work.

I truly believe that this life is magical and the alchemy of our experience rest in our heads through the creative and powerful process of moving into balance in body, mind, and home. Wishing you luck and love in this spring season.

In Love,