The beginning of the year is busy with fulfilling new years resolutions, committing to new hobbies & interests, and trying to set ourselves up as best as possible for the coming year and all its potential. The days have begun to grow longer but the winter season is not yet over. The air is still chilly and dry and so many people are still fighting lingering coughs and colds. With so much anticipation for a new year on the horizon we can at times forget that we can only get there if we keep ourselves nourished and healthy. One of my favorite ways to practice self care and get a nutrition boost in the winter is with Golden Milk.

Golden Milk, also sometimes called Turmeric Tea,  is often drunk in the evening after dinner. It is warming, nourishing, and has many health benefits as well! Golden Milk is known for a range of health benefits including improved sleep, anti-inflammatory properties, reduced muscle soreness, and even aids with menstrual cramps.

The base recipe is simple and often I’ll other herbs or spices that I have on hand that my body may be in need of.

Golden Milk Recipe: serves 1

1 cup of your milk of choice (any nut milk, soy, or dairy milk will work!)

½ tsp of Turmeric powder

½ tsp of ginger powder

¼ tsp of cinnamon

½ tsp of honey

Pinch of ground black pepper

Heat in a pot on the stove constantly stirring until it comes to a slow boil and all ingredients are dissolved. Then remove from heat, serve, and enjoy warm!

Some of my favorite other spices and herbs to add are cardamom, nutmeg, date sugar, ashwagandha, Host Defense Respiratory support, & osha infused honey. There are so many ways to enjoy this drink and I hope you make it your own!