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As we navigate the summer months, we are immersed in pitta season. According to Ayurveda, pitta, composed of fire and water, helps us to transform and digest all that life throws at us. It is the digestive enzymes, acids, the hormones that we produce as well as the fire that lives in all our tissues and cells which allows us to bring in and assimilate nutrients and remove waste.

It is by nature hot, oily, pungent, sharp, spreading, penetrating and luminous. And according to Ayurveda, like increases like. So that means that these hot luminous months will increase our bodies internal pitta as well. For some this may be welcome news if we run cold or struggle with weak digestion or even tend to get stuck emotionally. For others of us, this could spell disaster. Heartburn, insomnia, ulcers, rashes, angry outbursts and migraines are just a handful of ways that having too much pitta circulating in the body can manifest.

Striking the Perfect Balance

So how do we strike the perfect balance? By staying mindful of our current state at any given moment. It is not unusual for us to crave things that can add to our imbalances and if we aren’t giving attention we can throw ourselves into pitta overdrive. Moderation here is key. If the warmth of the summer months is feeling good, and you are feeling energized and inspired you’re on the right track. But if you notice that you gradually or suddenly experience a sense of suffocating heat, creeping impatience or need to work obsessively we may need to take pitta down a few notches. Here are a few suggestions on how to do just that, helping you to find your perfect pitta balance in any situation.

My Top 5 Favorite Pitta Pacifiers:


Limit your exposure to direct sunlight by sitting beneath the shade of a tree, wearing a hat, or sporting a cute parasol.


Favor cooling foods and spices like watermelon frescas, limeade, rice pudding, cilantro and fresh fruits. Enjoy gently warming spices like cinnamon and saffron and dial back jalapenos and red chili. And avoid fried, oily foods and instead gently steam and sauté your foods of choice.


Over thinking and over analyzing are typical pitta pitfalls. Take breaks from work to take a short walk and pay attention to the beauty that surrounds you. Notice the flower growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, the clouds in the sky or the nice person who let you in on the freeway. Practice an attitude of gratitude.


Be careful to give yourself plenty of time to transition from work to rest and maybe even build in an extra hour before bed with no screen time to help our minds unwind and our bodies can make the shift into nourishment and rejuvenation from efforting and hard work.


Sometimes we can all use a little help. Hibiscus mint tea is a favorite afternoon refresher and aloe vera juice can work wonders for heartburn and digestion. Some of my favorite herbs in the summer time are from Banyan Botanicals. My top three pics are Healthy Pitta, Pitta digest and Blood Cleanse.  These help at a very deep level to bring pitta back into balance and start feeling refreshed and reset in the longer summer months.

These are just a few of the ways I know and love to help stay cool, calm and collected as we move through this season of sunshine and longer days. I’d love to hear from you about some of the favorite ways you bring balance into your body mind and soul in the warmth of summer too!

In Love,