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I am fascinated by the idea of ritual.  I am bored, yet comforted by routine. Why is this? I perceive ritual to be filled with shakti, filled with ancient wisdom, loaded with spiritual practices, and magical enough to create miracles. Routine on the other hand can seem monotonous, dry, lackluster and even lonely at times.  I think this has to do with a perception of connection. When I preform my daily routines, they add up to what constitutes my week, my month and eventually my years.  If I feel alone in my efforts and allow my mind to slip into the illusion of separation and get sucked in by the grind – I miss the magic. Because really, there is no difference between the ritual and routine but our perception.

When we can tap into the love of all the mothers as we mother our own children, feel the support and care we provide and recieve when we cook, clean and go to work for our families, and feel the inspiration of all the creative minds working to solve the greatest of humanities hurts as we work on healing ourselves and our relationships, we are deeply connected to eachother through the wisdom, support, love and magic passed down through the ages, throughout all of time.

When we can infuse our daily activities with our hearts, or souls and eachother we actively join in community where we can begin to notice the magic in the mundane and juiciness in the routine. To exist here is powerful and exciting, maybe even sometimes frightening when we begin to sense our true infinite beauty and capacities.

Take care to consciously choose the life you desire through the smallest of your actions.  Work hard to not just slide into getting things done, but to pause and be in the moment you are in. To appreciate all that it takes to achieve the smallest wins. To celebrate the spontaneity of the times nothings works out quite like we might have imagined, and to appreciate the gifts hidden in the most challenging moments. This is the alchemy when we create ritual of our routines.

Take time to sit and listen in silence your soul and your deepest dreams and allow your rituals to lead you there, day by day, moment to moment.

In Love,