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Human self-reflection is the capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their fundamental nature, purpose and essence.

As a perpetual student of our human experience, I am constantly searching for more ways to understand our struggles and our joys in this life. I am always asking how to ascertain maximum potential and how is that defined?  Do I get to define it? When will I know when I come up on limit or a need to change course?

To answer these questions I have turned to Yoga and Ayurveda to pave the path to understanding and they have provided me with a deep, beautiful and inspiring story to follow. They both share that the way to better understand ourselves and ensure a direct experience of health and vitality that it is through the taming of the mind that we can better see our potential and experience joy and vitality in our bodies and minds. When they speak of the “taming” of the mind, what they are talking about is the reversal of the flow of prana, our vital life force. This helps us to repair, rejuvenate and reintegrate within our lives in a peaceful and fulfilled way.

Recently, I have been studying with an expert in neurology and the role it plays in exercise performance and pain management.  The information I am learning is dense and expansive.  Yet, my takeaway is surprisingly simple, our nervous system plays a HUGE role in our healing and our performance.

This should come at no surprise as our senses and our nervous system are basically the channels through which our mind, our energy (prana) and our spirit communicate with us. So here we are where the rubber meets the road.  On one hand I have brilliant teachers, beautiful allegory and poetic instruction to cling to as I dive deep into the eternal abyss that sits inside us all and on the other, concrete movements and exercises that tap right into those same systems. Both of these approaches serve to bring our subconscious patterns to light and restructure them in a way that brings us more peace, harmony, and balance.

Anyone who has tried can tell you, that choosing to look so deeply within that we begin to pull back the curtain on that which lies just beyond our conscious awareness is hard! We struggle to stay focused, to stay put, and to stay motivated. And also anyone who manages to look within themselves in a meaningful way can also tell you that there is nothing more rewarding.

For me this process brings about the most magical aspects of our humanness – that we have CHOICE!  We get to discover what beliefs, what experiences and what thoughts are defining our current perceptions of possibility and limitations. We then get decide if those are the directions we want to follow. When we discover that the manual we are working with is old and worn out, we get to CREATE a whole new one based on new and deeper levels of experience and understanding. We get to LOVE ourselves in all of our imperfections through this process of creation and in the process DEEPEN our understanding and compassion for others. This process of looking within is truly the most challenging, exciting and playful journey of self discovery and through our struggle we end up much more deeply connected with the world around us. For it is truly through the experience of knowing ourselves that we can begin to see into the heart of others. Thank you all for joining me on this wild ride!  I’d love to hear about your aha moments, the ruckusness of the ride and beauty waiting to be found on the other side.  Lets share and support each other through the darkness and celebrate together in the light