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Reiki and Universal Light Symbols

Reiki is defined as a spiritually guided life force.

Reiki and Universal Light Symbols

Reiki is a hands on healing practice that can be transmitted from a reiki practitioner once they have been attuned to the frequency of certain symbols which vary according to levels of attunement. Once a person is attuned or receives a reiki healing many profound experiences can result such as the increase of psychic sensitivity, clarity of life direction and physical healings. It is a very old system of healing and some believe has come to us from other planets.

Living Light Symbols are symbols which carry the frequencies of source energy.

They are connected to sacred geometry and are being downloaded by light healers on the planet now to help with the mass ascension happening now. They are being given to help us master all the expressions of LOVE and to help our whole being heal and attune to the higher vibrational frequencies of FORGIVENESS, WISDOM, TRUTH, SELF-LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE, JOY, PEACE and HEALING.


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Here at Indi Yoga we bring you the experience of both Reiki and Living Light Symbols to support you on your journey to experiencing the fullest expression of love, peace, joy and happiness and to shed the weight of negativity, pain, confusion, separation and illusion that cloud our minds, impair our bodies and obscure our spirits.

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During a session you will be guided through a visualization which will reveal the unconscious an often unseen patterns and thought forms that hold us back everyday. This process of discovery will allow you to create a new and fresh vision with which to begin to create you most inspiring and vital life. Your healer will work with you to release negative energies, trauma, patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and bring in the perfect symbols to bring back balance, clarity, trust, faith and healing. These sessions can have lifelong benefits allowing us the chance to truly align with the best version of ourselves that can sometimes feel out of reach. Don’t spend one more day feeling stuck, unsure or afraid. Book your session today.

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