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Spiritual Healings and Teachings

Learn to Heal Yourself and Others

Spiritual Healings and Teachings

Intuitive Life Coaching

Do You Feel Like You’re Spinning Your Wheels… Like you know something great is just around the corner but just don’t quite know what it is?

Are You Not Feeling Fulfilled In Your Life?

Your life is “ok” maybe even “fine” but you just can’t shake the feeling that your missing something…. that there should be something more to your life?

Have You Forgotten What It Feels Like To Be Truly Happy?

Does a Deep Sense of Peace Feel Out of Reach?

These questions are universal and we are here to tell you that the answer lies inside of you. Your only job is to unlock the answers. We specialize in helping you clear the way to healing and finally harnessing the full power of your most vital self.

“Unless we address healing at the core level, we only address the symptoms of illness and psychosis- we do not heal the cause.” Shelley Oliver

The first step to finding happiness, peace, calm, joy, bliss is to stop seeking outside yourself and take a journey within to the light of your soul. So, what stops you from doing this?

Well for most people it’s the stories you tell about….. Yourself and your life. What if I told you that all that has happened to you, the good and the bad, could bring you to your greatest treasure….

You as SOURCE.  You as HEALING. You as LIGHT. Oh yes, my friend…

No matter what you do on this planet you indeed are a healer.You can be a carpenter, an artist, a dancer, a teacher, a car salesperson, an engineer…. Of course this list can go on and on. Your Energy IS MEDICINE and can heal all things, including but not limited to, Healing trauma, physical issues (pain, disease, and injury), mental and emotional disturbances, financial issues, ancestral patterns, and lifetimes of karma.

AND when you heal yourself you can, and absolutely will, heal the environment around you.


Our whole purpose in life is to help you raise the vibration of your being so you can have the life you imagined!

When Working With You We Call Upon:

Energy Healing
Psychic Healing
Spiritual Healing
CranioSacral Therapy
Universal Light Attunements
Living Light Healing
The Laws Of The Universe


But most importantly, our philosophy is to train you to become your own healer, so you may be empowered by your own natural talents and gifts.

When Working With Us You Can Expect To…

Trust Your Intuition
Discover All The Ways The Universe Has Your Back
Live Your Life Purpose
Heal Your Deepest Wounds
Increase Your Self Love
Claim Your Natural Born Gifts
Ignite Energy in Your Health, Life, Love, Career
Increase Your Wealth
Find True Happiness
Enjoy True Love

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