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7 Day Stress Detox  · Whole Transformation  ·  Yoga Teacher Mentorship

7 Day Free Stress Detox

What’s Got You Stressed?



In less than 15 minutes a day you will:

-Wake up the chakras in your body and reclaim your vital energy.

-Release the stories that keep you stuck in negative patterns and create new pathways to peace and happiness.

-Relax your nervous system, allowing you to access internal wisdom, a greater focus, and a connection to your natural intuition.

Join us for this 7 Day Stress Detox for a practice of Yin yoga, Chakra activation and Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness – to release stress through your entire being.

Give Yourself The Gift of Peace, Balance, Vitality, and Grace.

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Yoga Teacher Mentorship

This March we will be launching an online Yoga Teacher Mentorship program. Are you stuck trying to figure out “What’s Next?” for your Yoga Career? Within our practice we have often come across instructors who wish to build a private practice, corporate class programs, yoga for kids programs, or even start their own studio. Whatever your goals are for your Yoga Career are, We’d like to help you achieve them through qualified mentorship and assistance. More information to come.

Our Story

We opened our first studio in Albuquerque, NM in 2011, with a desire to share a practice that has had a profound impact on our lives. In the midst of a full life–messy, joyful, challenging and awesome, all at once–we’ve come to know the practice of yoga as a steadfast ally, providing support, insight and calm when they’re most needed. When we carve out time for yoga, new perspectives and possibilities arise, and creativity and healing are set in motion. We are passionate about creating a space where people can benefit from this experience, both on an individual level and in community.

Yoga Newbies

New to yoga? If you’d like an introduction before jumping into a class, check out our Beginner’s Workshop!

Dedicated Yogis

New to our Studio? If you’re new to Indi Yoga you qualify for our special.
Only $20 for 20 days!

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