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Teacher Training

Teach People, Not Poses

Whether you’re wanting to deepen your own understanding of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda; learn to teach others in effective and empowering ways; or expand your education in specific areas such as Therapeutics or Yin Yoga, Indi has a program for you. Our training programs offer the opportunity to become deeply acquainted not just with yoga, but with your own deepest wisdom–as well as with a community of faculty and fellow students who can offer support, insight, and inspiration.

50 Hour Immersion

This five-month program is your passport to the full experience of yoga! Designed for students who want to access the depth and richness of a complete yoga practice–without commiting to a full teacher training–this program includes in-depth study of:
–Alignment (from a dynamic, personalized perspective!)
–Yoga Philosophy
–Pranayama (breathwork)

& so much more!

The Immersion program meets one weekend per month, and includes a free Dedicated Yogi membership to support your practice throughout the program. Deepen your yoga, transform your life–there’s no better gift you can give yourself!

Jan – May 2019
Westside Studio, Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

July – November 2019
Nob Hill Studio, Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

200 Hour Teacher Training

The renowned Indi Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training offers a thorough and deeply transformative journey into the heart of the yoga tradition. As a student in this program, you will gain the tools and understanding to both deepen and expand your own practice, and to teach yoga to others in a safe, effective and inspiring way. Graduates of this program are eligible for RYT 200 status through Yoga Alliance. Our methodology is based on three primary pillars.

3 Pillars of Methodology:

  • Form– Understanding the alignment and actions that create yoga poses
  • Flow– Understanding the role of breath and energy in yoga practice
  • Functional Anatomy– Understanding the way skeletal variation effects movement and postures

Topics of Focus

  • Asana
    • Alignment principles for all categories of poses
    • The art of vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga
    • Functional anatomy and skeletal variation
    • Tools for seamlessly combining alignment-oriented and vinyasa yoga
  • Philosophy
    • The Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and mythology
    • Ayurveda: philosophy and practice
    • Sanskrit study and application
  • Spiritual Practices
    • Meditation
    • Pranayama (breathwork)
    • The chakra system
    • mantras and chanting
  • Teaching Methodology
    • The language of teaching
    • Intelligent class sequence design
    • Effective verbal and hands-on adjustments
    • Creative solutions for mixed-level and special populations
    • Non-violent communication skills
    • Ethics in yoga
    • Business and marketing to support your work as a yoga teacher
    • Practicum teaching

When: January – October 2019
Where: Nob Hill Studio

When: March – December 2019
Where: Denver Studio

When: June – July 2019
Where: Westside Studio

300 Hour Teacher Training

We specialize in training’s that set teachers apart from the rest. As many teacher training graduates find out all too quickly, the standard 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is not enough to give teachers the skills they need to meet the individualized needs of their students on a profound level.

Our 300 Hour program leads you through the journey of the deeper function of yoga practice, drawing on tools related to functional anatomy, sequencing, therapeutics, philosophy and much more. These tools, in addition to the ample time you will get practicing your skills and receiving feedback, will ensure that you can embrace and support every individual in your classroom into their fullest experience of yoga.

You will gain all the tools necessary to guide students through: Discovery, Mastery, Recovery, Individuality and Growth (?) With us you will dive deep with 20-50 hours of study into topics such as:

The 300 Hour Training is comprised of the following modules:

  • Teaching Intermediate and Advanced Poses: Biomechanics, Sequencing, and Philosophy
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • The Antidote: A Yoga Therapy Training
  • Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers
  • The Subtle Body: Chakras, Pranayama, and Meditation for Exploring Beyond the Physical Body
  • Business Planning and Mentorship
  • Teaching Practicum

The training meets one weekend per month, and includes a free Dedicated Yogi membership to support your practice throughout the program. Are you currently a Registered Yoga Teacher at the RYT 200 level? This program will allow you to register as an RYT 500.

When: February 2019 – December 2020
Where: Nob Hill Studio

When: March 2019 – December 2020
Where: Denver Studio

50HR Yin Yoga Module

Healing new and old injuries while preventing new ones, finding and enjoying an increased range of motion, eradicating chronic pain while also experiencing the profound emotional mental and energetic changes that happen alongside these physical benefits- is what makes Yin Yoga so highly sought after.

Our ability to tap into, and work specifically with, the not-so-elusive prana, or vital life force, in the body is what is responsible for these amazing results. Simply holding a pose for a longer period of time is not enough. You can help others learn how to directly work with prana and in this weekend we will show you how!

During this training you will learn how to work with each person’s individuality to reach and open both their awareness as well as the deep connective tissues of their body – effectively opening the channels of prana, unleashing its transformational and deeply healing abilities. Come and discover the true potency this practice provides- and perhaps, more importantly, how to effectively share it with others.

April – July 2019
Denver Studio, Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

January – April 2020
Nob Hill Studio, Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

50 Hour Advanced Poses Module

Open to yoga teachers and committed students, this training will unlock the mysteries of intermediate and advanced yoga postures, and bring a renewed spark to your teaching and your practice!
Indi Yoga owner Erin Hansbrough is renowned for her ability to break down complex poses into doable component parts. With this approach, students are consistently able to sail past previous obstacles, gaining not only a deeper mastery of yoga practice, but also a more profound understanding of themselves. This training goes well beyond just doing and teaching poses, however.
We will also dive into:
-creative use of props
-intelligent & out-of-the-box sequencing
-hands-on assists
-philosophy, mythology and themes designed to solidify the connection from yoga practice to life “off the mat.”
Classes meet Fridays 7:15-9:15 Saturdays 12:30-8:00 Sundays 12:30-4:30 on the following weekends:
Feb 15th-17th
April 26th- 28th
May 17th-19th
June 21st-23rd
This unique and thorough training is only offered once every two years!
**This program counts towards Yoga Alliance CEU’s for registered yoga teachers.

February – June 2019
Nob Hill Studio, Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

February – May 2020
Denver Studio, Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

50HR Ayurveda Module

To learn more about this enlightening module, click here to visit our Ayurveda training page.

Throughout this 50 Hour Training you will learn the philosophy, science and spirit of Ayurveda. You will explore the physical body, the elements and our energy flows through the doshas, gunas and vayus while traversing the subtle bodies of the mind and spirit through study of the chakra system, pranayama and meditation as well as so much more. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences and when blended together they become a potent and indispensable approach to optimal health and well-being.

Weather you are delving into a personal journey or perhaps you are already a yogi, a teacher, a therapist and hope to additionally share what you learn with others, this course will deliver the potent and ancient teachings of Ayurveda in a way that deeply honors its roots while also making the teachings immediately accessible to all.

Ayurveda is growing in popularity and demand. As Individuals we find ourselves searching for ways to empower ourselves in our ability to move closer to balance to experience increased peace and happiness in our lives. The ability to become self-reliant in improving our health and vitality brings about a sense of peace and possibility that can only be found when we get to discover our own capacities. We all have amazing wisdom and healing capabilities that are just waiting to be unleashed!

Stepping onto the path of independence when it comes to securing our own own state of health and happiness can be exhilarating and at times scary. The comfort of a supportive and trusted community can make all the difference and is actually an imperative part of our collective growth. This 50-Hour training will give you the confidence and skill to personalize the path to health and wellness for yourself and others.

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The training meets:
Fridays from 8:00-9:00PM, Saturdays 12:30-6:00PM, and Sundays from 11:00AM-4:30PM

Cost: $1250 (includes a FREE membership for the duration of the training)

Denver Studio

When: August – November 2019

Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

Fridays 6PM-9PM
Saturdays 12:30PM-6:00PM
Sundays 11:00AM-4:30PM


Nob Hill Studio

When: May – June 2020
Classes Meet 1 Weekend Per Month

The Antidote: A Yoga Therapeutics Training (50 Hours)

To learn more about this in-depth yoga training, click here.

This training is for teachers looking to take the already effective practice of yoga to the next level. Teacher will leave with a complete skill set capable of helping students both in group classes & private lessons.

This program includes in-depth study of:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Sciatica & Neuropathy
  • Hip & Low Back Pain
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Knee & Ankle Pain

Each topic will have its own weekend and we’ll assess each through the lenses of Ayurveda, Therapeutic Yoga, & Corrective Exercise techniques. Teachers will learn how to address each in a group class, private lesson setting, and tools to create effective home practice guides for students.

The training meets one weekend per month, and includes a free Dedicated Yogi membership to support your practice throughout the program. Are you currently a yoga teacher? This program will credit you with 50 CEUs.

*Please note all Teacher Trainings & Modules are final sales